Tom was born in Great Western Road Glasgow Scotland in 1945, then brought up & educated in Rutherglen Lanarkshire.  Attending school there he developed his interest in Art & what was referred to then as Technical Drawing, both subjects proving to be his greatest success, with Art scoring above Technical Drawing, He then moved  to Dundee with his parents in 1960.  On leaving school he started working in a Jute Manufacturers office, then at 18 started as a household goods salesman. He did not do much more about his Art until into the late 1960’s Having spent the in-between years as all teenagers do and eventually met & got married to his still present wife in 1966.  After which he started as the “Man from the Pru”, then 15 years later left, having opened a Pet shop in Callander, sold up in 1987 and moved into a sales position with a Company marketing Specialised Beds and Chairs, and 13 years later started his own business selling wheel chairs and mobility scooters. Tom is a self taught Artist with a good supply of his Fathers Artistic Genes passed onto him, and started with his paintings first time around in 1969, However due to Family and increasing work commitments Tom did not proceed much beyond 1971. All of his paintings of that era were sold, bar two which he chose not to sell & has kept to this day. Needless to say that was all in the days before Computers, tablets and smart phones, so there was no means to record his work of those days on a website, only with photos, which along with most of his other paperwork stored in a basement, was lost & damaged beyond repair in a flood while he lived out in Cyprus. Due to work demands and Promotions moving Tom around to first, Aberdeen, then to Callander in the Trossachs where he lived from 1975 to 2007. Thereafter Tom & his wife moved to Cyprus for their retirement.  Tom never got into the frame of mind or find the time to start up painting again until his return to Scotland a few years ago, in 2015, but first he had a house and garden to put in order. Finally Tom started his art again in early 2018, He supposes he could be termed as a re-emerging Artist. Because he is self-taught, he can focus on the direction he wants his art to go.                                                    							 Currently, focusing mainly on Landscapes and Seascapes painted in Acrylics or Oils.
An emerging artist I may be, again, my paintings are done in Acrylics and Oils, in a style that can be enjoyed without wondering what one is meant to be.                                                                        Well perhaps just the odd one.                    Nor will you see any of my work where 20 or so, all look very much the same. However it is my intention to expand my themes as time goes by, giving potential customers a good variety to choose from. Having visited many countries throughout my life I have many assorted reference pictures to call on for my inspiration, and hopefully the results are good enough for your enjoyment.                                                                                 As time goes by more will be added, so look in often. T.W.Deas                                                                                                                
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